Civil Litigation

Protecting Your Future Demands Protecting Your Rights

Sometimes, the only way to resolve a business dispute or breach of contract is through civil litigation.  At Yoder & Kraus, we evaluate and advise clients on matters that may require litigation.  Understanding how to prepare your case, the steps and procedures involved, and how to leverage your negotiating position requires the advice of a skilled, experienced attorney. We are here to provide that skill and experience, and help you protect your personal and financial interests.

Civil litigation may involve alternative dispute resolution proceedings such as mediation or arbitration, jury or court trials, and proceedings before appellate courts

Civil Litigation: When There Is No Other Alternative

With over 50 years of combined legal experience, the attorneys of Yoder & Kraus represent clients in the following kinds of civil litigation matters:

  • Real estate litigation
  • Major personal injury
  • Contract disputes
  • Business disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Contested wills and estates
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Personal Injury

Put Our Experience to Work for You

We have represented defendants and plaintiffs and have seen many issues from both sides of the aisle. When we believe in a case, we take it and we do our best to win.