Radio Comercial Transcript


The attorneys at Yoder & Kraus know that people make mistakes.  If you have been convicted of a Misdemeanor or a Class D felony that did not result in an injury to a person and eight years has passed since your conviction, you may be eligible to have these records restricted from public access and legally state on an application for employment or any other document that you have not been arrested for or convicted of a crime.  The lawyers at Yoder & Kraus believe these types of mistakes should not have lifelong consequences.  Contact Yoder & Kraus today at 347-9400 to learn if your arrest or conviction qualifies for being withheld from public access.  Tony Kraus, Chad Rayle, and Mike Yoder are available to assist you with this or other legal matters.  Call Yoder & Kraus right now at 347-9400.  That number again is 347-9400.  Restrict your arrests and criminal convictions from public access today. Yoder & Kraus, we listen, we care, we can help.